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Looking forward to the policy breakthrough, big pickup is more common

Industry trends
2016/07/18 15:50
I believe that after you see the pickup is not strange, it is the TOYOTA Hilux pickup. Hilux pickup was born in 1968, now this is the most common variant of the pickup models derived from TOYOTA 's model, and in the domestic pickup just when the rise of the Hilux pickup is also a large number of domestic pickup imitated. Xiaobian see the Hilux pickup is the eighth generation of products, the product compared to the old pickup has an obvious improvement in the appearance of the vehicle, especially in front of the air inlet hood makes the classic pickup more dynamic, while the pickup in the interior to more information and comfortable close to better .
Everyone after watching pictures will produce a doubt why this pickup licence and domestic different license, so it is a foreign illegal vehicle? If you think you are wrong, the pickup is indeed foreign vehicles, it is linked to the Burma license, but this is not in the vehicle running in China illegal. According to the local people said, this is the local people in foreign countries to lower the price of the purchase in foreign direct pickup on the card, and then returned to Jinghong city for the relevant procedures, which can make the normal driving on the road in the country, but this vehicle can only be tested and driving vehicles but also carry out regular documents in Jinghong in the world. However, if you are a business owner in Burma, the purchase of such a large pickup in Jinghong is still very appropriate.
Small make up in Jinghong to see so much pickup or a little overjoyed, while Xiao Bian more luxury can see such a big pickup in domestic more places, so very small hope that the domestic appropriate relaxation for imported cars and pickups policy, let the foreign large pickup is more common in domestic, let the pickup can flourish, let the domestic pickup become more fierce.

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