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Huazi invites Tsinghua University professors to visit and exchange

Company news
2017/06/09 10:18

Chen Quan, professor and doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University, director of Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University, deputy director of State Key Laboratory of automotive safety and energy conservation. Professor Chen Quanshi also served as a part-time director, society of automotive engineering China electric vehicle branch director, deputy director of the National Automotive standardization of electric vehicles and the construction of Specialized Committee, deputy director of Department of city vehicle experts committee. The main research fields include Professor Chen special vehicle (including desert vehicles) the development and design of automobile body structure design and research of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles key technology research. To undertake the research of "fuel cell city bus full vehicle technology" in the national "863" special electric vehicle project.

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Huazi invites Tsinghua University professors to visit and exchange
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