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  The advantage of Kawei Group mainly lies in the integration development mode of entire automobile platform. The technological team of Kawei established a wholly-new integration automobile body platform, while Kawei Group must have the support of various parts modules on the synchronous research and development ability and professional manufacturing ability of relevant automobile parts business of automobile lamps, bumpers and automobile interior ornaments, etc..

  The integration platform of automobile body is the unique advantage created by Kawei that is different from other enterprises. It is exactly this advantages that gives Kawei the opportunity of synchronous development with entire automobile enterprises.

  At present, under the Kawei automobile body platform mode, Kawei synchronously develops with multiple companies of SG Automotive Group, Brilliance Auto, GAC Gonow, Dongfeng Auto, JAC Motors, Yangtse, Haima, Kama Automobile and Foton. It researches and develops many automobile bodies of Shuguang Qisheng F1 CUV, Shuguang Dachaishen Extreme Edition Pickup, Shuguang Pickup King, Brilliance Jinbei S50SUV, GAC Gonow Aoxuan G3SUV, Dongfeng SUV (planed to be marketed in December 2012), JAC new large Pickup, Yangtse Large Pickup and Kama Large Pickup, etc..

  Except the automobile body integration platform module, Kawei also has many sub-modules of automobile body mould system, metal automobile body system, mirror system of vehicle interior and exterior ornaments and UV coating system and the like. Kawei metal automobile body system will provide a complete set of body-in-white solutions from the minimum stamping parts to the entire body-in-white module. At the same time, Kawei automobile body system also includes the products portfolio of the exterior metal board and block system as well as the body structural components and energy management solutions.

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