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Research and development center

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The company research and development centre is the professional team focusing on design, development, preparation and production of special vehicles and firefighting equipment. It mainly researches and develops the third generation high-end fire engine and special vehicles of self-discharging, concrete mixing, semi-trailer and sanitation truck series. It also fills in the national technological gap on the firefighting equipment area.


The enterprise technological research centre adopts new technology, new material and new process so as to continuously improve the enterprise innovation capacity and core competitive power as well as form the integrated advantage of production-university-research. It establishes a long term technological cooperation relationship with academic institutes of Research Institute of Equipment of Air Force Changchun Automotive Research Institute Testing Centre, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Jiangsu University and the like, which provide the group’s technological innovation with powerful support.


The company invested 20 million Yuan in scientific research funds. It timely purchases lots of detecting instrument as well as research and development equipment for research and development according to the requirements of R&D in the course of program R&D. It provides the product research and development with powerful hardware guarantee.


The company pays great attention to the intellectual property protection. As to the proprietary technology formed in the course of research and development, the company timely applies for patent so as to protect the R&D achievement of the company. At present, the company has 12 patents of invention of special vehicles and 38 special patents of utility model, and 5 of them have realized major technological transformations.