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Jiangsu Wanli product line into Lanzhou, then Kawei pickup style

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2017/06/09 10:15

October 17th to 19, deployment, sponsored by the Jiangsu provincial government of Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Commission of Jiangsu Wanli product line into Lanzhou, unveiled at the Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 5-8, which is to deepen cooperation and seek win-win and lively practice. Kawei car were invited to participate in the trip to the LanZhou Railway Station, KunMing Railway Station after September 2014 this is the second time to participate in the Jiangsu tour activities.


Although Jiangsu and Gansu are separated by thousands of miles, they are closely linked and widely communicated. As the country launched the "The Belt and Road" strategy, "The Belt and Road" at the intersection of Jiangsu and is located in the core node Silk Road Economic Belt Gansu ushered in a new development opportunities, the two provinces also ushered in a new space for cooperation. "Wanli Li" activities started, the Jiangsu provincial government leaders and the Jiangsu Provincial Commission by letter of the person in charge of the scene, and entrepreneurs together to feel the latest pulse of the market, and guide the majority of enterprises to accelerate transformation and upgrading.


As the only one in Jiangsu Province, the independent brand automobile enterprises, Kawei auto has been the focus of attention of the government, the trip to Lanzhou is more conform to the requirements of market economy and. Lanzhou has been one of the most popular Kawei market, is also an important part of the market in the northwest. The exhibition site, Kawei pickup reassert the unique charm, highlight the style of the king, booth visitors in a continuous line.


The "Jiangsu Wanlixing" trip to Lanzhou, Kawei expand cooperation in the new space is more wide, pay attention to the development and management of the Northwest market, and actively respond to national policies, seize new opportunities for the interactive development of industry.







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