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Jiangsu Kawei Auto Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It has developed a distinctive automobile industrial super platform that integrates light vehicle, new energy electromobile, passenger car, special purpose vehicle, entity industrial chain of auto-body and parts integration, automobile finance, automobile and parts export.
Kawei starts the business with a high starting point, starts the career with high-technology and prospers the business with high specification. It develops the automobile industry relying on its cutting-edge technology advantages and its high-new technological platform. It is the largest regional manufacturing group of automobile and body parts. The group covers an area of more than 1000 mu. The annual production value is 3 billion Yuan, the fixed assets is 20 billion Yuan. It has more than 2000 employees. It establishes more than 1000 retailers of automobile and auto parts across the country. The products are sold in more than 20 overseas countries and regions, including United Arab Emirates, Iran, North Korea, Philippines, Peru, Venezuela, Nigeria and the like.
The group implements talent strategy. It has more than 300 technological research and development personnel. It cooperates with colleges and universities and research institutes of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Changchun Automotive Research Institute Testing Centre, Research Institute of Aeronautic Equipment of Air Force, CAPF College and the like, with multidirectional integration of industry-university-research cooperation, it creates the research and development team of automobile, new energy, firefighting equipment and automobile parts. It has 300 patents of intellectual property, more than 100 certifications, many provincial new high-tech products and major scientific and technological achievements transformations. Those form the powerful impetus of enterprise development.
Kawei Auto successfully transformed and upgraded and entered into entire automobile manufacturing industry of light vehicle in 2013. At present, it is the only entire automobile enterprise with self-owned brand in Jiangsu province. Kawei starts from scratch relying on the spirits of persistence, concentration and innovation. Kawei has always been looking for the equilibrium point of development and reform under new era and new environment. Via cooperation with Hummer China, Kawei successfully introduced Hummer electromobile into Chinese market. Besides, it begins the self-research, development and production of a series of new energy vehicle models based on the original platform. At the same time, Kawei has already gained the right of production, refit and sale of multiple purpose vehicles of German Mercedes Benz in China. In 2016, new energy electromobile develops rapidly driven by national policy advantage and market demand orientation. Under the era tendency, Kawei grasps the opportunity of reform of automobile industry and rises to the challenges comprehensively. It focuses in entire car and key parts and materials of pure electromobile and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. It fully gives play to the leading role of Kawei Auto, so as to attract the entrance of new energy entire vehicle and low speed electromobile and the assorted correlative industries as well as to complete the industrial chain and to develop the new energy automobile industry. It aims to build a national new energy automobile industrial base that integrates research and development, design, test and certification, entire vehicle and key parts, product display experience, talent cultivation and life auxiliary facilities.
Kawei Group consistently adheres to the core values of “co-creation, win-win and sharing” so as to be the faithful cooperative partners of clients at home and abroad. It fulfills the management idea of “people orientated and caring employee”. It provides the employee with compensations and welfare policies that are better than the same industry in local area. It devotes to construct the company to be a “most respectable automobile industrial group!”




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